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Versatility is a key feature of our industrial valves. The company can custom design the valves to fulfill a variety of industrial fluid handling needs. Such applications include level control, pressure regulation, electronic control and several other needs.


Check Valves
Model 94-1 Check Valve with Opening Speed Control
Model 94-2 Check Valve with Closing Speed Control
Model 94-3 Check Valve
with Opening &
Closing Speed Controls
Pressure Relief Valves
Model 108-2 Pressure
Relief/ Pressure Sustaining Valve
Model 108-2HP Pressure Relief / Pressure Sustaining
Model 108-3 Pressure Relief / Pressure Sustaining and Check Valve
Model 108-4 Pressure Relief/ Pressure Sustaining and Solenoid Shut-off Valve
Solenoid Control Valves
Model 115-1 Solenoid
Model 115-2 Solenoid
Model 115-3 Solenoid
Model 115-4 Solenoid
Shut-off High-Capacity
Model 115AV Programmable Solenoid Shut-off
Surge Anticipation Valves
Model 118-3 Surge
Model 118-4 Surge
Model 118-5 Surge Anticipation Valve-Electronic Type
Model 108SA-3 Surge
Anticipation- Hydraulic
Rate of Flow Valves
Model 120 Rate of
Flow Control Valve
Model 120-1 Rate of
Flow Control/Solenoid
Model 120-2 Rate of
Flow Control Valve and
Pressure Reducing Valve
Pump Control Valves
Model 125 Booster
Pump Control Valve
Model 125-7 Booster
Pump Control Valve
Model 125-27 Booster
Pump Control Valve
Model 125-27P Booster Pump Control Valve Dual
Chamber/Lift Check/High Pressure
Model 126 Deep Well
Pump Control Valve
Pressure Reducing Valves
Model 127-3 Pressure
Model 127-32 Pressure Reducing with Two Stage Opening
Model 127-2 Pressure
Reducing and Pressure
Model 127-4 Pressure
Reducing and Check
Model 127-5 Pressure
Reducing and Surge
Control Valve
Model 127-80 Pressure
Reducing and Solenoid
Model 127FAV Flow Control
and Programmable Solenoid
Model 129 Pressure Reducing
with 3-Way Pilot
Altitude Valves
Model 3331 One-Way
Model 3333 Two-Way
Model 3331-4 One-Way Altitude with Delayed Drawdown
Special Applications Valves
Model 66 Power Actuated
Digital Electronic Control Valves
Model 22F Electronic
Flow Control
Model 22R Electronic
Pressure Reducing
Model 22S Electronic
Pressure Sustaining
Model 22VMU Flow
Measurement and Flow
Control System
ValveMeter Lite Flow
Measurement System
Float Controlled Valves
Model 8000 Float Valve
Model 8101 Modulating Float Valve
Model 8102 Modulating
Float Valve
Model 8104 Modulating
Float Valve
Model 8105 Modulating
Float Valve
Differential Control Valves
Model 110
Model 101-D
Well Commander Control Valves
22WC Well Commander Series (one valve/one well)
22DWC DuPlex Well Commander System (two valves/two wells)
22TWC TriPlex Well Commander Series (three valves/three wells)


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