The OCV Pressure-Reducing Valve is used in many applications worldwide. The primary function of the 127 series is to reduce a greater upstream pressure to a lesser, more manageable downstream pressure, operating without regard to either upstream supply or downstream demand.

  • Reduces higher inlet pressure to a constant lower outlet pressure.
  • Outlet pressure is accurate over wide range of flow.
  • Pilot-operated main valve is not subject to pressure fall off characteristic of direct-acting PRV's.
  • Outlet pressure is adjustable over complete range of control spring (see pilot features).

OCV Control Valves was founded more than 60 years ago with a vision and commitment to quality and reliability. From modest beginnings, the company has grown to be a global leader just a half century later. In fact, OCV Valves can be found in some capacity in nearly every country around the world from fire protection systems in Malaysia to aircraft fueling systems in Africa and from oil refineries in Russia to water supply systems in the USA and Canada. You will also find our valves in irrigation systems in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

The original foundation on which the company was built allows our team of professionals to not only provide the service required to be a worldwide supplier, but more importantly the opportunity to afford the personal touch necessary to be each of our customers' best partner. Simply stated, we take pride in all that we do.

Committed to the work they do, our employees average over 15 years of service. This wealth of knowledge allows us to provide quality engineering, expert support, exacting control and the know-how to create valves known for their long life.

Being ISO 9001 certified means we are committed to a quality assurance program. Our policy is to supply each customer with consistent quality products and ensure that the process is right every time. Our valves meet and exceed industry standards around the world. Including approvals by:

Please check individual models for approval.

All valves are not created equal. OCV Control Valves proves that day in and day out. We stand behind our valves and are ready to serve your needs.

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