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Model 108FPS Pump Suction Control Valve

Model 108FPS Pump Suction Control Valve

The Model 108FPS is used to prevent the fire pump from outdrawing the available supply. In so doing, it protects the pump suction supply from damage associated with too low a pressure and assures adequate supply pressure to the fire system components.


  • Maintains minimum pump suction pressure
  • Installs on fire pump discharge; senses pump suction
  • Suction pressure is adjustable with single screw
  • Adjustable 5 – 30 psi range
  • Sizes 3″ – 8″, globe and angle
  • Pilot-operated main valve
  • Maintain without removal from the line
  • Adjustable opening speed
  • Factory tested and can be pre-set to requirements
  • Factory Mutual Approved
Pump Suction Control Valve
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