Model 115-1FP Anti-Flood System

Model 115-1FP Anti-Flood System

The Model 115-1FP Anti-Flood System is designed to shut off the flow of water when the probe detects a presence of water that exceeds a predetermined time.

The Anti-Flood System consists of three components:

1.) Water Detection Probe Model 140

2.) Anti-Flood Valve Model 115-1FP

3.) Anti-Flood Relay Controller P/N 249994

The Model 115-1FP uses the OCV Anti-Flood Relay Controller (P/N 249994), which supplies power to the Model 140 Water Detection Probe. When combined, these two devices have the ability to detect water in a drain line, floor drain, or any type of pit. When a constant presence of water is detected that exceeds the user specified time limit, a set of internal contacts will close in the controller. The OCV Anti-Flood Relay Controller will then send a signal to energize the solenoid on the OCV Model 115-1FP Anti-Flood Valve. The OCV Model 115-1FP Anti-Flood Valve is typically located in the supply line to the system being protected. This control valve is a normally open valve and when the solenoid is energized, it causes the main valve to close and stop the flow of water through the valve. The system can then be reset by manually resetting the controller and then resetting the control valve.

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