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Model 115-4DV Electric/ Hydraulic Deluge Valve

Model 115-4DV Electric/ Hydraulic Deluge Valve

The Model 115-4DV automatically opens to admit water through the main line when the solenoid valve is activated. The Model 115-4DV is principally designed for seawater applications utilizing the appropriately selected materials but can be used for fresh water applications as well. Consult factory for UL Listed deluge valves.


Model Features

  • Opens quickly when the solenoid valve is activated (Specify energize-to open or energize-to-close)
  • Manual override to open the valve regardless of solenoid valve position
  • Visual indicator for indication of valve position
  • Large supply drain port to drain inlet side piping-globe only
  • Pilot operated main valve
  • No adjustments necessary
  • Factory tested
  • Sizes 1.25″ (DN32) – 16″ (DN400)
  • ANSI Flanged Class 150 or Class 300
  • Wide range of materials available including those for seawater service
  • Options available include opening and/or closing speed controls, limit switch assembly and pressure gauge(s). For other required options, Electric / Hydraulic Deluge Valve consult factory.
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