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Model 115AV Programmable Solenoid Shut-Off Valve

Model 115AV Programmable Solenoid Shut-Off Valve

The model 115AV has an extremely wide range of applications anywhere it is necessary to open and close a valve automatically at predetermined time intervals without the use of external electric power. Typical examples include irrigation systems, automated line flushing, automated tower cycling control, and automated fountains (refreshing, recycle).


  • Programmable:
    – Valve operating time from 1 min to 12 hours per day
    – 6 different operational programs per day up to 7 days a week
    – Programmable rain delay for 1 to 99 days (shut down for winter, December… etc)
  • Manual on/off
  • Excellent for remote systems where power is unavailable
  • Powered by lithium ion technology good for 10 years
  • LCD display with clock and low battery indicator and rain delay as programmed
  • External rain sensor option available
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