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Model 216FC Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Deluge Valve

Model 216FC Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Deluge Valve

The model 216FC automatically opens to admit water through the main line when pneumatic supply pressure is removed. The 216FC is used in fire protection systems, such as deluge, pre-action, foam-water and other special applications.


  • Opens quickly when pneumatic pressure is removed
  • Manual override to open the valve regardless of pneumatic pilot position
  • UL Listed for deluge service in sizes 3” (DN80) through 10” (DN250)
  • Large supply drain port to drain inlet (STD) and outlet (optional)
  • One piece actuation design provides for an unobstructed flow passage with minimal maintenance
  • Unique oval design optimizes both flow capacity and control while minimizing head loss
  • Diaphragm design provides resistance to cavitation, erosion, and ensures smooth flow without turbulence or noise
  • External resetting without opening any covers or re-positioning of clappers or latch mechanisms
  • Coating and material options to provide superior protection against seawater, brackish water supplies and other abrasive fluids
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting in all sizes
  • ANSI flanged Class 150 or Class 300
  • Accurately controlled closing and opening at all flows with drip-tight sealing
  • Stable and accurate control during shut-off and regulation provides versatile range ability and low flow control
  • Easy inline maintenance is provided by top entry design
  • Factory tested
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