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Model 22X Electronic Position Control Valve

Model 22X Electronic Position Control Valve

The Model 22X Electronic Position Control Valve provides user percent of open control with extreme stability over a full range of flow. Combining the advantages of simplicity and line pressure operation with the features of electronic control, the valve is able to interface with SCADA systems to provide remote control and programmable variable logic. The electronic feature allows for a wider range of operation, simplifying valve sizing. Typical examples include water transmission lines, water treatment plants and pump back pressure control.


  • Allows for frequent set point change
  • Wider range of flow than standard hydraulic control systems
  • Analog Output (4-20mA)
  • Valve scheduling for control parameter modification (Time, Day of Week, Process variables)
  • Remote set point by digital or analog SCADA access
  • 100-260Vac 50-60Hz with 24/12 VDC, or solar powered units available
  • Full function PID controller
  • Simplifies valve sizing
  • LCD display
  • Superior throttling characteristics compared to quarter turn valves
  • Screen readout displayed in percentage of valve open
  • Cavitation protection available when required
  • Valve Position Transmitter
  • Optional:
    – Intranet monitoring control and e-mailing (Ultra Controller Series only)
    – Hydraulic backup
    – Touch panel color graphic LCD (Ultra Controller Series only)
Model 22X Electronic Position Control Valve
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