Series 74FC Deluge Valve

Series 74FC Deluge Valve

Our 74FC Deluge Control Valves are designed specifically to be used in deluge, pre-action, foam-water and other special systems. The 74FC Series is UL Listed for deluge service in globe pattern for sizes 3” through 10” (DN80 through DN250). The 74FC Series is a simple on-off valve that utilizes an innovative oval design to optimize flow capacity, minimize head loss and provide accurately controlled closing and opening at all flows with drip-tight sealing. The 74FC valves can be readily adapted to perform numerous application functions but the most common are presented here.

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Models 216FC, 216-3FC and 216-4FC fall under this series.

Valve Features

  • UL Listed for deluge service in globe pattern, sizes 3” (DN80) through 10” (DN250)
  • Large supply drain port to drain inlet (STD) and outlet (optional), per UL 260
  • For operation via electric solenoid, dry pilot or manual activation
  • One piece actuation design provides for an unobstructed flow passage with minimal maintenance
  • Unique oval design optimizes both flow capacity and control while minimizing head loss
  • Diaphragm design provides resistance to cavitation, erosion, and ensures smooth flow without turbulence or noise
  • External resetting without opening any covers or repositioning of clappers or latch mechanisms
  • Coating and material options to provide superior protection against seawater, brackish water supplies and other abrasive fluids
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Accurately controlled closing and opening at all flows with drip-tight sealing
  • Stable and accurate control during shut-off and regulation provides versatile range ability and low flow control
  • Easy inline maintenance is provided by top entry design Model 74FC
  • The 74FC has a maximum working pressure of 250 psi (17.2 bar)

Valve Operation

The 74FC is used in fire protection systems, such as deluge, pre-action, foam-water, and other special applications. The 74FC is an on/off elastomeric, normally closed valve. When properly equipped, it automatically opens to admit water through the main line when bonnet pressure is released and closes again when the bonnet is re-pressurized. Re-pressurizing the bonnet chamber resets the valve, providing an easy reset of the fire protection system without the use of a cover to manually reposition a clapper or latch mechanism.


  1. Model 74FC Basic Control Valve, a UL Listed, diaphragm seated, pilot controlled, elastomeric valve.
  2. Diaphragm, one-piece elastomeric device.
  3. Spring, gives closing bias.
  4. Drain ports, to drain inlet and outlet piping.



GLOBE – 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″

Buna-N 32°F to 180°F* (0°C to 82.22°C*)
EPDM 32°F to 230°F* (0°C to 110°C*)

MATERIALS Consult factory for others.
Ductile Iron – epoxy coated (standard)
Cast Steel – epoxy coated
Stainless Steel
Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
Stainless Steel
Diaphragm: Nylon Reinforced Buna-N*
Nylon Reinforced EPDM*

MAX WORKING PRESSURE: (at 100°F/37.78°C)
250 psi

*Others available upon request


flow rate at maximum velocity = 25 fps (sizes 3” – 10”)



Material Specifications

7fc specs

The deluge valve shall function to admit water through the main line when the bonnet pressure is released.




OCV deluge valves are UL Listed for mounting in the horizontal or vertical position. Space should be taken into consideration when mounting valves and their pilot systems.

A routine inspection & maintenance program should be established and conducted yearly by a qualified technician. Consult our factory @ 1-888-628-8258 for parts and service.



When Ordering please provide: Series Number – Valve size – Globe (consult factory for Angle) – Flanged 150# or 300# ANSI – Trim Material – Special needs / or Installation Requirements