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Surge Commander

Surge Commander

The OCV Surge Commanders are factory wired control panels that interface with any of the Series 118 Surge Control valves. All controllers are generally installed with minimal wiring between the surge control valve and the controller. Each controller is operated by the starting and stopping of the pump. It provides extra protection against surges associated with power failure or other pump failure by preemptively opening the valve in anticipation of the high pressure wave to follow.


  • Surge Commander control panel provides valve control interface:
    – 12 VDC continuously charged battery backup
    – Indicator light monitors valve and panel status at all times
    – Multiple control features
    – Start up time delay – keeps valve closed during pump start to allow for pump check valves to open fully
    – Shutdown time delay – takes valve offline after pump shutdown
    – Surge time delay – determines how long the control valve stays open during down surge and/or power failure
  • Two selectable operating modes:
    – Mode A: Opens on power failure accompanied by a low pressure
    – Mode B: Opens on either power failure or low pressure
  • Factory tested and can be pre-set to requirements
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