Specifying is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Originally released in 1995, ValveMaster, a sizing and specification program placed OCV’s engineering experience at your fingertips – All without the inconveniences of time, travel, conference calls, etc. ValveMaster was developed to provide the tools necessary to quickly and accurately select, size, and specify automatic control valves directly from your own desk. Armed with this software and the data on what you know best – your system – the program allows you to work through the process from inception to the final, detailed specification in about five minutes.

Since its release, ValveMaster has experienced two major updates:

  • ValveMaster Premier – Released in 2007
  • ValveMaster Fuels – Released in 2009

ValveMaster Premier upgraded the sizing program to include online availability, automatic generation of specs, an easier to use interface and current sizing, materials and models. ValveMaster Premier was primarily intended for engineers, distributors, and end users of automatic control valves in the waterworks industry.

Recognizing the need for a customized Aviation specification generating program, OCV released ValveMaster Fuels in 2009.  This program combines all the benefits and knowledge of ValveMaster Premier with our engineering expertise in the aviation fueling and petroleum markets.
 Waterworks application based sizing and specification program.
 Aviation fueling and petroleum application based sizing and specification program.