body_company01The company designs hydraulically-operated, diaphragm-actuated, automatic control valves. OCV’s high quality control valves can be found throughout the world – whether it’s a municipal water system in the US, an oil refinery in Russia or an irrigation system in Europe.

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, OCV Fluid Solutions is a privately owned company. Founded more than 60 years ago, the company has over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space – one of the most modern facilities in the country. This on-site facility allows the company to maintain top quality control for all of its valves. OCV also owns a coatings application company and facilities for engineering, administration, sales and support services staff.

Company Values

For more than 60 years, OCV Fluid Solutions has maintained a family-like atmosphere in the workplace that goes hand in hand with family values.Company founder Tex Radford had a mission to produce a quality product in a quality work environment.Today his son and daughter continue that mission and uphold several important values both in the workplace and among their client base.

  • Integrity: Trustworthiness among customers as well as among company employees is key to building a successful company. OCV’s staff believes you keep customers by treating them with respect.
  • Honesty: Being honest about what you can provide to the customer and following through on promises. It’s this commitment to service that keeps customers coming back.
  • Fairness: It goes hand in hand with honesty. OCV provides fairness to their clients and fairness to their workers. That’s why employees at OCV average more than 15 years of service with the company.


The story of OCV Fluid Solutions began more than 50 years ago, when founder Tex Radford decided to expand his existing machine shop to begin designing and manufacturing control valves in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He built his company with a vision of commitment to quality and reliability.

body_company02Since its modest beginning, OCV Fluid Solutions has maintained that vision while becoming a worldwide leader in the valve industry. OCV provides valves in some capacity to nearly every country in the world while maintaining a personal touch and commitment to service.

The company’s first valve was designed as an OEM component for manufacturers engaged in packaging fueling stations for jet aircraft. OCV then expanded to other petroleum-related services including metering equipment, pipeline and distribution systems.

OCV markets worldwide through manufacturer’s representatives both foreign and domestic. OCV stands behind its products with engineering support, competitive pricing, quality manufacturing, prompt delivery and reputable field service and training.

But the main focus is on quality and service. The staff has followed these ideals from the beginning. Employees at OCV average more than 15 years of service with the company. Their experience and knowledge is why OCV Fluid Solutions provides superior products and services.