Valve Operation Manuals

94-1_CheckValve-1 Water: 94-1 Check Valve with Opening Speed Control
94-2_CheckValve-1 Water: 94-2 Check Valve with Closing Speed Control 94-3_CheckValve Water: 94-3 Check Valve with Open & Close 108-2_Pressure_Relief_Valve-1 Water: 108-2 Pressure Relief/Sustaining
108-34-1Water: 108-3 Pressure Relief/Sustaining with Check 108-4_Pressure_Relief_ValveWater: 108-4 Pres Relief/Sustain with Solenoid 108SA-3_Pressure_Relief_Valve-2-1Water: 108-SA3 Surge Anticipation-Hydrualic 110_Differential_Control_ValveWater: 110 Differential Pressure Control
115-1(N.O.)ASCO_Solenoid_Control_ValveWater: 115-1 Normally Open Solenoid Shut-Off 115-1(N.C.)ASCO_Solenoid_Control_ValveWater: 115-1 Normally Closed Solenoid Shut-Off 115-2(N.C.)_Solenoid_Control_Valve_(1)Water: 115-2 Normally Closed Solenoid Shut-Off 115-3_Solenoid_Control_Valve-1Water: 115-3 Solenoid Control-Throttling
115-4(E.O.)_Solenoid_Control_Valve_(1)Water: 115-4 Solenoid Shut-Off High Capacity 118_(includes_118-1;118-2;_118-3)Water: 118-3 Surge Anticipation Electro-Hydraulic 120-1-1Water: 120-1 Rate of Flow/Solenoid Shut-Off 120-2_Rate_of_Flow_ValveWater: 120-2 Rate of Flow & Pressure Reducing
120Water: 120 Rate of Flow 125-7_Pump_Control_ValveWater: 125-7 Booster Pump Control 125-27-2Water: 125-27 Booster Pump Control 125-27P_Pump_Control_ValveWater: 125-27P Booster Pmp/Dual/Lift Ck/High Press
125__Pump_Control_ValveWater: 125 Booster Pump Control 126-1Water: 126 Deep Well Pump Control 127-2_Pressure_Reducing_Valve-1Water: 127-2 Pressure Reducing & Sustaining 127-3_Pressure_Reducing_Valve-2Water: 127-3 Pressure Reducing
127-5_Pressure_Reducing_ValveWater: 127-5 Pressure Reducing & Surge 127-80Water: 127-80 Pressure Reducing/Solenoid Shut-Off 127-4_Pressure_Reducing_ValveWater: 127-4 Pressure Reducing and Check 3331(2-8)Water: 3331 One-Way Altitude 2″-8″
3331(10-16)Water: 3331 One-Way Altitude 10″-16″ 3333(2-8)Water: 3333 Two-Way Altitude 2″-8″ 3333-2(10-16)Water: 3333 Two-Way Altitude 10″-16″ 8000Water: 8000 Float Control (On/Off)
8101--8111-1Water: 8101 Modulating Float (1.25″-6″) 8101--8111-1Water: 8102 Modulating Float (1.25″-6″) 8101--8111-1Water: 8104 Modulating Float (8″ & larger) 8101--8111-1Water: 8105 Modulating Float (8″ & larger)

Untitled-1Water: 65 Basic Control Valve
tLDlU-CJrqT-OUPQN-66Water: 66 Power Actuated 65FC_BasicValve_Operating_manual-1Fire: 65FC Deluge 108FPSFire: 108FPS Fire Suction Control
116-3FC_OM_(e_to_o)Fire: 116-3FC Pneumatic/Electric/Hydraulic Deluge 116-4FC_(E_to_O)O&M-1Fire: 116-4FC Electronic/Hydraulic Deluge 116FC_OM_with_sizesFire: 116FC Electronic/Hydraulic DYhhw-vFkEV-kxBqn-118_(includes_118-1;118-2;_118-3)-1Fire: 108FCA Fire Pump Relief
115-4DV(E.O.)_Solenoid_Control_Valve(sk7000)Fire: 115-4DV Electric/Hydraulic 127-3FC_ManualFire: 127-3FC Pressure Reducing 108-2SLF_Pressure_Relief_Valve-1Fire: 108-2SLF Fire Foam Pressure Relief 66TSFueling: 66 Tank Safety
108-2_Pressure_Relief_Valve-1Fueling: 108-2 Pressure Sustaining/Backpressure 108-34-1Fueling: 108-34 Pressure Control 115-2(N.C.)_Solenoid_Control_Valve_(1)Fueling: 115-2 Solenoid Shut-Off 115-3-1
Fueling: 115-3 Digital Preset
115-5-1Fueling: 115-5 Two-Stage Preset 120-1-1Fueling: 120-1 Rate of Flow/Solenoid Shut-Off 120-6Fueling: 120-6 Rate of Flow/Check 120-7Fueling: 120-7 Two-Stage Preset with Rate of Flow
120Fueling: 120 Rate of Flow Control 8101-1Fueling: 8101 High Level Shut-Off 8106Fueling: 8106 High Level Shut-Off 4″-24″ 94-1QC_CheckValve-1Fueling: 94-1QC Non-Surge Check
110Fueling: 110 Differential Pressure Control 119-5-1Fueling: 119-5 Filter Seperator Rate Flow/Shut-Off 119Fueling: 119 Filter Seperator Shut-Off 127-3_Pressure_Reducing_Valve-2Fueling: 127-3 Pressure Reducing
127-9Fueling: 127-9 Two-Stage with Pressure Reducing 127-80Fueling: 127-80 Pres Reduce with Solenoid Shut-Off