Argentina Escobar LNG Terminal



Escobar LNG Terminal is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Buenos Aires, Argentina situated on the Parana River. The terminal provides gas for industry and heating during periods of high demand in the peak winter months, as well as facilitating additional natural gas supply and transportation in the region. It includes a moored ship/floating storage and regasification unit, a distribution pipeline, LNG loading arms, four docking dolphins, a berthing tower, and a GasPort dockside configuration that accommodates ship-to-ship transfers. The terminal connects to the Transportadora Gas del Norte pipeline, which distributes natural gas throughout northern Argentina. In an effort to protect this potentially volatile product and highly flammable terminal, a fire suppression/protection system utilizing expertly performing control valves is essential. The Terminal developers sought the expertise of OCV Fluid Solutions Argentina distributor, GPM Argentina S.A. Engineering the project called for 5 of our Series 100, Model 68 Deluge Valves in a variety of sizes ranging from 2” to 6.” These valves provide water to two electric controlled monitors (in 10 meter high towers), simultaneously sending water for refrigeration of both towers; they also provide a wall curtain of water separating ship from pier, and protect diesel tanks and pumps.