Longtan Dam China (Hydroelectric Power)

Located on the Hongshui River in China, the Longtan Dam is a large roller-compacted concrete gravity dam more than 700 feet tall – the tallest of its type in the world. The dam contains seven surface spillways, two bottom outlets and an underground power station. The hydroelectric power station (converting flowing water into energy) consists of 9 power generating units with a capacity of more than 17.3 billion kilowatt hours. An unexpected stoppage of one of these 9 turbines can cost the plant approximately $1 million dollars per day. In order to keep the turbines cool and functioning properly, extremely reliable control valves are required – OCV’s Dorot Series 300 Pressure Reducing Control Valves. Each turbine has 4 Series 300, 20” valves. In addition, throughout the plant, there are hundreds of other OCV Dorot control valves and air valves of various sizes. This system of valves provides a high quality, reliable solution to the stringent requirements of one of the largest and most advanced hydroelectric generation plants of its kind, ensuring optimal utilization of available natural resources.