Ultracargo Rail Loading System by Fluxo Integrated Solutions (Brazil)

Ultracargo is the largest bulk liquids storage company in Brazil.   Ultracargo operates primarily in the storage of biofuel, chemicals, petrochemicals and vegetable oil. At a fuel entry point, located in the Port of Itaqui, in Sao Luis, Maranhao, the Ultracargo terminal features a modern loading and unloading automation system designed and manufactured by Fluxo Integrated Solutions. In 2020, when engineering and manufacturing 18 rail loading systems skids, Fluxo sought out world-class equipment, focusing on performance.  OCV Terminal Valves were chosen for this project. Fluxo utilized Models 115-3 Digital Preset Valves as well as Models 115-4K Emergency Shut Off Valves.

OCV Control Valves: Model 115-3 Digital Preset Valves & Model 115-4K Emergency Shut Off Valves



Source: FLUXO Soluções Integradas Ltda Newsletter