Mobile Offshore Production Unit (Gulf of Paria)

A Mobile Offshore Production Unit (aka MOPU) is considered any type of portable structure that can be reused when procuring oil and gas from the seabed.  A fire protection system is essential to the operation and safety of a MOPU rig and automatic control valves are a key component of that system.  Currently off the coast of Trinidad, in the Caribbean Gulf of Paria, is a MOPU rig actively drilling for a consortium of companies.  OCV Fluid Solutions partnered with Online Valves in Houston to determine which OCV Fire Protection Control Valve would perform in the Deluge Manifold Fire Protection system using seawater to quench an upset condition/fire emergency.  Among other requirements, it would be imperative that the valve perform as intended, with the following considerations: 1) corrosive atmosphere, 2) in line with the flow coefficient, and 3) in accordance with the rig’s operational philosophy.  With the Model 127-PSDV, Pneumatic/Electric Pressure Reducing Deluge Valve, OCV was able to maintain the same 3” line size and pressure class required, while manufacturing the Body of the valve in bronze in order to withstand the salt laden conditions.

*The video depicts this actual MOPU rig with the OCV 127-PSDV valve in operation. The still photo illustrates only an example of a MOPU for reference.