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Deluge Manual Override Feature

  • Manually opens deluge valve fully.
  • Installed on the deluge valve bonnet.
  • Includes a red name plate with operational instructions.
  • Used on UL Listed deluge valves.

OCV’s Ball Valve Deluge Manual Override Feature is used on deluge valves used in freshwater and saltwater deluge and pre-action fire suppression systems. In the event of a fire, any OCV deluge valve can be locally forced to FULL OPEN using this feature. When the ball valve is moved to the “OPEN” position, the bonnet chamber of the main valve will be vented to atmosphere, forcing the valve fully open, regardless of exterior pilot system function. Deluge valves equipped with the standard exterior trim option will come standard with a RED instruction plate to facilitate ease of use during a serious fire event.



1              Nameplate
2             Ball Valve, 2-port
3             Mounting screws


Circled in red, the Deluge Manual Override Feature is shown on a model 216-4FC Deluge Valve.