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A224 3-Way Auxiliary Pilot

The A224 is an auxiliary pilot operated by a smaller ported control such as a float, altitude or solenoid pilot. Its purpose is to provide accelerated opening and closing action of the main valve. It is typically installed with its Inlet port connected to main valve inlet, its Exhaust port connected to main valve outlet, and its Common port connected to the main valve cover (bonnet). The pilot is shifted by the presence or absence of pressure on its diaphragm. When actuated to open the valve (diaphragm pressurized), the A224 has an integral supply orifice that supplies hydraulic pressure to a pilot system when a modulating pilot such as rate of flow, pressure reducing or pressure sustaining control is used. It can also be used for straight on/off operation of the main valve.

  • Three port, two position, hydraulically operated
  • 1/2″ Ports
  • All parts replaceable while mounted on valve
  • Rubber to metal seat
  • Orifice supply in actuated position for use with modulating controls
  • Bronze or stainless steel construction



Model A224 3-Way Auxiliary Pilot:
  1. Body
  2. Bonnet
  3. Adaptor
  4. Stem
  5. Diaphragm
  6. Seat Plug
  7. Lower Diaphragm Plate
  8. Upper Diaphragm Plate
  9. O-Ring
  10. O-Ring
  11. O-Ring
  12. SKT HD Capscrew
  13. Hex Nut
  14. Lock Washer
  15. Hex Nut
  16. Lock Washer




Bronze B61
Stainless Steel ASTM A743/CF8-M
Elasomers (diaphragm, seat disc, o-rings)

  • Buna-N (Std.)
  • Viton® (Opt.) Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers
  • EPDM (Opt.)


Rubber components are typically the only parts that may require periodic replacement. These are available in kits consisting of the diaphragm, the seat disc and all O-rings.
Buna-N Kit  –  Part # 930001
Viton® Kit  –  Part # 930101
EPDM Kit  –  Part # 930401


The Model A224 is shown on OCV Valve Schematics as: a224symbol

EXAMPLE: Shown here on a MODEL 119-5 Filter Separator Valve
with Rate of Flow Valve.