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160 Position Transmitter

The Model 160 Position Transmitter is a device that uses movement of the valve stem to provide a 4-20mA analog signal proportional to the valve position. The signal increases as the valve opens. It consists of an adaptor threaded into the center port of the valve bonnet, a rod threaded into the main valve stem, a stem seal, actuating collars, and the transmitter unit. The unit requires a 24 – 40 VDC, user-furnished, power supply. It may be installed on virtually any OCV control valve, and can be done so without any disassembly of the valve itself.
  • Provides 4-20mA signal, proportional to valve position.
  • Installed without disassembly of valve.
  • Enclosure is weatherproof and explosion-proof.
  • Available with dual SPDT or DPDT limit switches.




Indicator Rod:  Monel

Adapter:  Stainless Steel

Collars:  Stainless Steel

Mounting Bracket:  Aluminum

NOTE: Factory recommended valve installation should allow for indicator rod to be in the vertical position.


VOLTAGE REQUIREMENT: 24 – 40 VDC (by user)

ANALOG OUTPUT: 4-20 mA into maximum 575 ohm load with 24 VDC power supply

CONNECTION:  Two-wire current loop.


SPDT:  15 amps @ 125-480 VAC, 1/2 amp @ 125 VDC, 1/4 amp @ 250 VDC
DPDT:  10 amps @ 125-250 VAC, 0.3 amp @125 VDC, 0.15 amp @ 250 VDC