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Electric Manual Reset (EMR)

  • For use with OCV electric activation deluge valves.
  • Holds deluge valve “open” after initial opening sequence.
  • Resets deluge valve by operating local lever.
  • Installed between deluge soleniod and accelerator.
  • Includes red name tag with operation instructions.

OCV’s Electric Manual Reset (EMR) feature is used on OCV solenoid valves used in deluge and pre-action fire suppression
systems. The feature assures that a deluge valve will stay fully open during and after a fire event. To re-close a deluge
valve with this feature, manual operation of the reset lever is required. This feature is offered in a wide variety of materials for
freshwater and seawater applications. The main valve external trim selection dictates the materials used in this feature.


The main deluge valve is opened by operating a solenoid. The shifted solenoid ports pressurize an
accelerator bonnet which then vents the main valve diaphragm chamber. When the main valve
diaphragm chamber is vented and the deluge valve opens, water is introduced into the sprinkler line. At
this time, the deluge valve is locked in the open position. The EMR check valve and normally closed
lever have locked system pressure onto the accelerator bonnet which holds the deluge valve open. To
remove this pressure from the accelerator bonnet and re-close the deluge valve, the EMR lever should
be opened until the deluge valve re-seats. These instructions are meant to be generic and ultimately
the specific model operation and maintenance manual should be referenced for full reset function.


Circled in red, the Electric Manual Reset Feature is shown on a Model 116-4MR valve.