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815 Chamber Mounted Float Pilot

The Model 815 Float Pilot is two-way, rotary-disc control designed primarily for fuel service with floating roof tanks. It may also be used anywhere access to the tank interior is restricted or impossible. Suitable for both modulating and on-off service.

The 815 pilot operates the main valve directly on OCV Series 8103 Float Valves, and operates main valve through the1356 Differential Pilot on OCV Series 8106 Float Valves.

  • Two port, rotary disc design
  • Remote mounted – Outside of Tank
  • Float pilot can be removed from chamber for servicing
  • Optional manual tester available



Model 815 Chamber Mounted Float Pilot:
  1. Chamber
  2. Flange
  3. Pilot Body
  4. Pilot Disc
  5. Arbor
  6. Spring
  7. Thrust Washer
  8. O-Ring
  9. Gasket
  10. FIL. HD. Screw
  11. Float Arm Adaptor
  12. Float Arm
  13. Float
  14. Flat HD. Screw
  15. Hex HD. Screw
  16. O-Ring
  17. Stud
  18. Lockwasher
  19. Lockwasher
  20. Manual Tester Assy. (OPT)



815installThe 815 is installed outside the tank by piping the chamber’s upper and lower 1” NPT ports into the tank wall, thus allowing the liquid level to enter the chamber. The customer -furnished supply piping from the main valve connects to the 3/8” NPT inlet port of the pilot. Minimum recommended size for this line is 1/2” OD tubing or 3/8” pipe. The 3/8” exhaust port is piped back to the discharge of the main valve.


  • Body, disc, arbor: Type 303 Stainless Steel
  • Pilot Flange: B61 Bronze or CF8-M Stainless Steel
  • Chamber: Steel-epoxy coated or Stainless Steel
  • Float: Type 304 Stainless Steel, 4″ diameter
  • Body gasket: Buna-N Std. Viton® Opt.


The Model 815 is shown on OCV Valve Schematics as: 815symbol

EXAMPLE: Shown here on a MODEL 8106 High Level Shut-off Valve.