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140 Water Detection Probe

The Model 140 Water Detection Probe is an electronic device that is used to detect the presence of bipolar liquid.

The Model 140 has two 316 Stainless Steel pipe probes. It is installed by the user in a ¾” port mounted on top of the pipe that is to be monitored. Proper installation requires that the probes make no contact with the internal surfaces of the pipe. Standard probe length is 3″ (which is ideal in 4″ lines) but the probe length can be adjusted by cutting them at installation or ordering longer probes.

  • Provides a contact closure upon the detection of a bipolar liquid (water, etc)
  • Installs in a pipe by a ¾” coupling
  • Pipe wetted parts are 316 Stainless Steel
  • Easy installation and wiring
  • Enclosure is NEMA 4 (IP-65)


The detection of a bipolar liquid is performed by a microprocessor that is located inside the Model 140 enclosure. The Model 140 monitors the conductivity between the two probes every 500 milliseconds. The Model 140 can trigger a warning, such as a buzzer, light or bell, or it can communicate directly with the control valve through SCADA systems, solenoids or other electronic sources.

When a bipolar liquid is detected between the probes, the conductivity changes. The microprocessor turns on the LED and relay, shorting terminals 3-5 and opening terminals 3-4. When the bipolar liquid is gone, the processor then turns OFF the LED and relay, and then terminals 3-5 open and terminals 3-4 short.


140 water probe


Power: 9-15VDC < 100 mA.
(user supplied power source, such
as a wall transformer)
Output: Single Pole Double Throw Relay
Connections: By a 6 Terminal Connector
Indicator: Red LED ON; Terminals 3-5 shorted
& 3-4 open (water detected)
Red LED OFF; Terminal 3-5 & open
3-4 shorted (Water NOT detected)
Contacts: 500mA at 125VAC/DC Max