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2450 Rate Of Flow Control Pilot

The Model 2450 is a two-way, normally open pilot that senses the differential pressure across an orifice plate; high pressure under its diaphragm and low pressure above the diaphragm. The orifice plate differential is proportional to the flow rate through it. The pilot balances the differential against an adjustable spring load. An increase in differential, hence rate of flow, above the spring set point tends to make the pilot close.

The Model 2450 is the standard pilot for OCV Series 120 Rate of Flow Control Valve. Sensing the differential across the valve’s integral orifice plate, the pilot modulates the main valve to regulate or limit the required rate of flow.

  • Normally Open, increasing differential closes
  • Simple Adjustment
  • Large diaphragm area for sensing small changes in differential pressure
  • Dual chamber, hydraulically balanced for accurate control
  • Bronze or stainless steel construction
  • All parts replaceable while mounted on valve


Model 2450 Rate of Flow Control Pilot:
  1. Body
  2. Adaptor
  3. Bonnet
  4. Stem
  5. Diaphragm
  6. Upper Diaphragm
  7. Lower Diaphragm
  8. Spring
  9. Adjusting Screw
  10. Spring Retainer
  11. Drive Adaptor
  12. Plug
  13. Flat HD Screw
  14. Hex HD Capscrew
  15. Lock Washer
  16. SKT HD Capscrew
  17. Set Screw
  18. O-Ring
  19. O-Ring
  20. O-Ring
  21. O-Ring
  22. Cap
  23. O-Ring
  24. O-Ring


Stainless Steel
Elastomers (diaphragm, seat disc, o-rings)

  • Buna-N (Std.)
  • Viton® (Opt.)
  • EPDM (Opt.)

Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.



Rubber components are typically the only parts that may require periodic replacement. These are available in kits consisting of the diaphragm, the seat disc and all O-rings.
Buna-N Kit  –  Part # 930005
Viton® Kit  –  Part # 930105
EPDM Kit  –  Part # 930405


The Model 2450 is shown on OCV Valve Schematics as:  2450symbol

EXAMPLE: Shown here on a MODEL 120 Rate of Flow Control Valve.