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170 High Pressure Filter

The 170 and 170L Filters install in the inlet piping of the control valve pilot system and protect the pilot system from solid contaminants in the line fluid. The high capacity, pleated element makes the 170 and 170L ideal for those applications where the fluid being controlled has a relatively high percentage of suspended solids. Its robust design and all stainless steel construction allows for operation at high pressures and in corrosive environments.

The longer 170L filter has twice the capacity of the standard 170, allowing for longer times between cleanings.




Unlike some filters, the element is completely cleanable and reusable and rarely needs to be replaced. OCV valves equipped with the Model 170 or 170L also have ball valves to enable isolation and cleaning of the filter.  Ball valves are sold separately. The Model 170 and 170L are equipped with a convenient bleed port that allows for flow through and out of the filter for easy cleaning.