Two-Stage Differential Control Valve

The two-stage differential control valve shall open in one stage and close in two stages based on signals from the preset register. Additionally, in liquid fuel systems, the valve will close as necessary when air is sensed in the air eliminator so as to prevent air from passing through the meter. In LPG systems, the valve will modulate as necessary to keep the valve inlet pressure (meter outlet pressure) a predetermined amount above vapor pressure to ensure that only liquid passes through the meter. The OCV 110-29 is specifically designed for fuel loading systems and performs the following functions:

  • Full flow delivery with two stage shutdown
  • In liquid fuel systems, prevents air from passing through meter
  • In LPG systems, prevents flashing through meter
  • Opens on signal from preset register
  • Closes in two stages based on signals from preset register (mechanical or electronic)
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Factory tested
  • Explosion-proof, pre-wired junction box available
  • Two-stage opening (timer) available