Pressure Reducing 2-Way Pilot Valve

A 2-Way, diaphragm actuated, spring-loaded pressure reducing pilot valve, applicable for service on pressure reducing, deluge and pre-action valve trims. The pilot modulates to maintain a steady, pre-set downstream pressure, regardless of upstream pressure or flow rate fluctuations. As downstream pressure falls below the set point, it opens a full passage between its “In” and “Out” ports, relieving the valve’s control chamber to the downstream and allowing the valve to open. As downstream pressure rises above the set point, the CXPR throttles, restricting the flow out of the valve’s control chamber, keeping its position or closing the valve (if necessary).



  • 2-way pilot valve for high accuracy pressure reducing applications
  • Wide regulation range: a single spring is used for setting range of 3-19 bar / 45-275psi
  • Superb accuracy and repeatability
  • Integral stainless steel needle valve – highly accurate and simplifies the control trim
  • No internal sealing allows for maximum dependability
  • Easy to adjust