Solenoid Control/Check/Thermal Relief Valve

The solenoid control/check/thermal relief valve shall open and close via discrete electrical signals. The valve shall be equipped with a two-way solenoid valve that will allow the valve to open when energized/de-energized. If downstream pressure becomes greater than upstream pressure, the valve shall close to prevent reverse flow; however, should downstream pressure increase to the set point of the thermal relief valve, this valve shall open to relieve the buildup to the upstream side of the valve. The thermal relief valve shall have an adjustable spring range of 50-350 psi. The OCV 115-26TR solenoid control valve is designed to open or close in response to an electrical signal. It will also close in the event of a pressure reversal, but will relieve thermal buildup from downstream to upstream. Typical examples include:

  • Process control
  • Petroleum loading terminals
  • Electrically operated solenoid allows valve to open or close
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Adjustable response speed
  • Factory tested and can be preset to requirements
  • Thermal Relief – relieves thermal buildup from downstream to upstream.
  • Field adjustable