Hydrant Control Valve 

The hydrant control valve shall function to reduce a higher upstream pressure to a constant, lower downstream pressure regardless of fluctuations in supply or demand. The valve shall be equipped with a two-way hydraulic valve that will allow the valve to open when pressurized, and is also equipped with a high capacity surge control pilot to close the valve quickly in the event of sudden reduction in flow. It shall also be equipped with a rate of flow control pilot that will automatically limit the maximum flow rate. Sensing of the pilot shall be by means of a calibrated orifice plate integrally installed in the upstream valve flange. The valve will open automatically in the event of pressure reversal. The OCV 114-2 is a control valve specifically designed for aircraft refueling service. Known as either a refueling or a hydrant control valve, it is the typical control valve used on pantograph refueling systems. It performs the following functions:

  • Opens and closes electrically via hydraulic deadman control
  • While open, modulates to control downstream pressure at a predetermined set point
  • Closes rapidly to prevent undue pressure buildup due to a rapid reduction in demand
  • Limits flow rate to a predetermined maximum


  • Hydraulic deadman control
  • Pressure reducing pilot senses valve outlet or pressure compensating venturi
  • High-capacity surge control minimizes pressure buildup on reduction of flow
  • Rate of flow pilot limits maximum flow
  • Opening speed control
  • Automatically opens for downstream thermal relief or defueling
  • Equipped with visual indicator to monitor valve position
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Factory tested and can be preset to your requirements