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Model 126 Deep Well Pump Control Valve

Model 126 Deep Well Pump Control Valve

Our Well Control Valves Model 126 Deep Well Pump Control Valve is designed to be used on deep well pumps where the pump design permits starting against an open valve.


  • Eliminates surges associated with starting and stopping the pump
  • Eliminates air and debris from the pump column
  • Operates in conjunction with pump check valve to smoothly transition flow to and from main line
  • Pump starts against an open valve that then gradually closes at a controlled rate
  • Valve gradually opens at a controlled rate while pump continues to run
  • Pump stops when valve is fully open
  • Dual chamber design allows valve to be fully open when pump is off
  • Separate adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Factory tested
Model 126 Deep Pump Well Control Valve
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