Tank Safety Valve 

The tank safety valve shall operate by means of hydraulic pressure from the transfer pump discharge. The valve shall open on positive pressure and close on loss of pressure. It shall be equipped to relieve downstream to upstream in the event of thermal buildup. It shall be equipped with a manual opening feature and valve position indicator.

The OCV 66TS Tank Safety Valve is designed to automatically isolate a fuel storage tank from its loading terminal or product transfer point. Hydraulically linked to the delivery pump, the valve is open only when the pump runs and is effectively producing pressure. The valve will automatically close when the pump is off, fails to produce pressure, or in the event of a line rupture.

  • Totally hydraulic operation; no electrical connections
  • Dual chamber, full open, low pressure drop design
  • Thermal relief of excess downstream pressure
  • Provides anti-siphon protection
  • Capable of manual operation
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Valve position indicator standard
  • Factory tested