77 DE\HM

77 DE\HM

Hydraulically Actuated Deluge Valve

Hydraulically controlled deluge/pre-action valve, actuated by the pipeline pressure. The valve is closed in its normal, set position and opens when the hydraulic pressure drops in a pressurized pilot line, limited to 7m above the valve (for higher pilot lines, see DE\HRV model sheet). An emergency manual release valve is fitted as standard.



  • High pressure, high flow deluge systems
  • Automatic or local manual emergency actuation
  • Hazardous, flammable & explosion classified area fire suppression
  • Superior design featuring exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates
  • Low lifelong maintenance costs due to straightforward design
  • Applicable for fresh or brackish water, seawater & foam
  • Out of box fully assembled & tested valves
  • Factory trimmed for vertical & horizontal installations without modification
  • Extensive valve & trim materials selection & corrosion protection coating