ConDor Hydraulic Smart Controller

ConDor Hydraulic Smart Controller

Water Infrastructure Management Controller

A dedicated hydraulic controller, specifically designed and developed to control hydraulic valves. The ConDor controller modifies the valve’s set-point by actuating two solenoid valves, replacing hydro-mechanical pilot valves. This allows for the implementation of a wide range of hydraulic and non-hydraulic functions and combinations thereof. Following 20 years of experience with the 1st generation ConDor controller and listening to our customer’s requests, Aquestia is proud to present the next generation model, adding numerous new advanced features and more flexibility while maintaining the renowned simplicity and reliability of its predecessor model.


  • Retrofit and convert any pilot-operated valve into a smart valve
  • Multi-function controller allows configuring of any hydraulic control function:
  • Create hydraulic functions based on non-hydraulic input
  • Allows defining up to 5 simultaneous control functions
  • Fully dynamic set-value: modifiable by SCADA RTU, direct BLE control, follow preset profiles local changes in the input parameters, follow time of day, etc.
  • Simple & reliable trim: 2 solenoid control trim is used for all hydraulic control functions and combinations
  • Highly reliable, stable and accurate control
  • Advanced, multi-channel, fully configurable data logger
  • Configuration, control and monitoring are enabled above ground (when installed in a valve chamber), using an app on any mobile device with BLE communication
  • Secure and safe: multi-tier user management system