Rate of Flow/Pump Suction Control/Check Valve 

The rate of flow/pump suction control/check valve shall function to control or limit the flow rate, regardless of fluctuations in upstream or downstream pressure. It shall also prevent the pump suction vacuum from exceeding a predetermined value. If downstream pressure becomes greater than upstream pressure, the valve will close fully to prevent reverse flow.

The OCV 120-6PS has a wide range of applications – anywhere the flow rate and pump suction vacuum must be controlled or limited and reverse flow must be prevented. It therefore has an ideal application as a pump discharge control valve.


  • Controls or limits flow to a predetermined rate
  • Built-in orifice plate for sensing flow rate
  • Limits the vacuum on the pump suction to a predetermined maximum
  • Check feature closes valve on pressure reversal
  • Extra-sensitive pilots
  • Flow rate and vacuum are each adjustable with single screw
  • Adjustable response speed
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Factory tested and can be preset to your requirements