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Model 66 Power Actuated Valve

Model 66 Power Actuated Valve

The Model 66 provides an excellent solution for applications where there is inadequate differential pressure to actuate properly, the fluid being handled is extremely dirty or otherwise unsuitable, or it is preferable to use an outside fluid pressure source.  Typical examples include tank safety (petroleum applications), pump control, low line pressure on/off, and solenoid valves.



  • Operates automatically off line pressure or independent pressure source
  • Dual diaphragm chamber isolated from flow path
  • Rectangular-shaped, soft seat seal provides drip-tight Class VI closure
  • Diaphragm assembly guided center and bottom
  • Throttling seat
  • Easily maintained without removal from the line
  • Replaceable seat ring
  • Center-tapped bonnet facilitates installation of position indicator or valve-actuated switches
  • Valves are factory tested
  • Serial numbered and registered to facilitate replacement parts and factory support
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