Pressure Sustaining / Relief 2-Way Pilot Valve

A 2-Way, diaphragm actuated, spring-loaded, pressure sustaining/relief pilot valve, applicable for service on pressure sustaining/relief valve trims. It modulates to maintain a steady, pre-set pressure, upstream of the valve’s location. As upstream pressure rises above the set value, the 68-710 opens to allow water flow between its 4 and 3 ports, relieving the water from the valve’s control chamber and causing the valve to open. As upstream pressure falls below the set value, the 68-710 throttles, restricting the flow out of the valve’s control chamber, limiting the valve’s opening or causing it to close (if necessary).



  • Wide regulation range (can be set up to 33 bar/480psi)
  • Large water passages allow high flow capacity and fast reaction
  • Accurate and easy to adjust
  • Simple design and maximal dependability