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Model 3331-4 One-Way Altitude with Delayed Drawdown

Model 3331-4 One-Way Altitude with Delayed Drawdown

The Model 3331-4 is applicable anywhere it is necessary to automatically maintain the water level in elevated storage tanks or reservoirs, and where it is desired to allow the tank level to fall a given amount before refilling to allow greater turnover and/or to prevent stagnation. Such applications occur in, municipal water, rural water and industrial plants.


  • Automatic tank fill and shut-off without the use of floats or sensors
  • Accurate shut-off to within inches of set point
  • High level (closing) point adjustable with single screw
  • Low level (opening) point separately adjustable
  • Exhaust-to-atmosphere operation allows minimum pressure loss
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Adjustable response speed
  • Factory tested and can be pre-set to requirements
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