Pressure Sustaining / Relief 2-Way Pilot Valve

A 2-Way, diaphragm actuated, spring-loaded, pressure sustaining/relief pilot valve, applicable for service on pressure sustaining/relief valve trims. It modulates to maintain a steady, pre-set pressure, upstream of the valve’s location. As upstream pressure rises above the set value, the 68-500 open to allow water flow between its “COM” and “OUT” ports, relieving the water from the valve’s control chamber and causing the valve to open. As upstream pressure falls below the set value, the 68-500 throttles, restricting the flow out of the valve’s control chamber, limiting the valve’s opening or causing it to close (if necessary).



  • 2-way pilot valve for high accuracy pressure sustaining/relief applications
  • Integral stainless steel needle valve – highly accurate and simplifies the control trim
  • Minimal internal sealing and maximal dependability
  • Easy to adjust