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Model 108-2HP Pressure Relief/ Pressure Sustaining Valve

Model 108-2HP Pressure Relief/ Pressure Sustaining Valve

The Model 108-2HP has a wide range of applications for anywhere a system must be protected from pressures that are too high (relief) or too low (sustaining).  Typical examples include pump systems, municipal distribution systems and irrigation systems.


  • Relief Valve: Limits inlet pressure by relieving excess pressure
  • Pressure Sustaining: Prevents inlet pressure from dropping below a predetermined minimum
  • Special pilot for set points of 200-740 psi
  • Pilot is stainless steel
  • Operates over a wide flow range
  • Inlet pressure is adjustable with single screw
  • Quick opening and adjustable closing speed
  • Available with optional anti-cavitation orifice plate
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Factory tested and can be pre-set to requirements
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