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Model 65SC/65SCA Lift Check Valve

Model 65SC/65SCA Lift Check Valve

The 65SC/65SCA is a full port valve equipped with a built in lift check feature to prevent backflow. When equipped with a variety of pilots and accessories the valve performs a wide range of automatic fluid control, while closing rapidly on reversal of pressure to prevent backflow.



  • Operates automatically off line pressure
  • Heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced diaphragm isolates top chamber operating pressure from bottom chamber line pressure
  • Rectangular-shaped, soft seat seal provides drip-tight Class VI closure
  • Diaphragm assembly guided top and bottom
  • Throttling seat retainer for flow and pressure stability
  • Easily maintained without removal from the line
  • Diaphragm replaced without removing internal stem assembly
  • Replaceable seat ring
  • Alignment pins assure proper reassembly after maintenance
  • Center-tapped bonnet facilitates installation of position indicator or valve-actuated switches
  • Ductile iron and steel valves are epoxy-coated inside and out, for maximum corrosion protection
  • Valves are factory tested
  • Valves are serial numbered and registered to facilitate replacement parts and factory support
  • Allows valve to close instantaneously upon pressure reversal, eliminating reverse flow
  • Split spool design
  •  Lift check can be added as a feature to existing valves by replacing spool assembly
  • Valve must be mounted with stem in vertical position
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