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Model 115-1DV Electric / Hydraulic Valve

Model 115-1DV Electric / Hydraulic Valve

The Model 115-1DV automatically opens to admit water through the main line when the solenoid valve is activated. The Model 115-1DV can be used for fresh water or seawater applications according to the selected materials of construction. Consult factory for UL listed deluge valves.


  • Simple design utilizes a 3-way solenoid valve that directly operates the main valve
  • Opens quickly when the solenoid valve is activated (Specify energize-to-open or energize-to-close)
  • Manual override to open the valve regardless of solenoid valve position
  • Visual indicator for indication of valve position
  • Large supply drain port to drain inlet side piping- globe only
  • Pilot operated main valve
  • No adjustments necessary
  • Factory tested
  • Sizes 1.25″ thru 4″. Consult factory for other sizes
  • ANSI Flanged Class 150 or Class 300
  • Wide range of materials available including those for seawater service

Options available include opening and/or closing speed controls, limit switch assembly and pressure gauge(s). For other required options, please consult factory.

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