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Pressure Reducing, Solenoid Shutoff Deluge Valve

Electrically controlled deluge valve, actuated by the pipeline pressure. The valve is closed in its normal, set position and opens when a 3w solenoid valve is energized. The valve must be manually reset following automatic activation using the ball valve manual reset lever. When tripped, the valve regulates to a steady, preset downstream pressure, regardless of upstream pressure or flow rate fluctuations. An emergency manual release valve is fitted as standard.



  • Opens quickly when the solenoid valve is activated
  • Reduces a higher upstream pressure to a lower downstream pressure
  • Constant downstream pressure over a wide flow range
  • Downstream pressure is adjustable with single screw
  • Adjustable opening speed control
  • Manual override to open the valve fully
  • Local ball valve manual reset assembly prevents closure using solenoid valve
  • Visual indicator for indication of main valve position
  • Large supply drain port to drain sprinkler main
  • Factory tested
  • Can be installed both vertically or horizontally
  • Wide range of materials available