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Model 129FC Fire System Pressure Control Valves

Model 129FC Fire System Pressure Control Valves

The Model 129FC pressure control valves for the fire system automatically reduce high pressure in building riser pipe to a pressure that can be easily handled by the components it supplies.


  • Maintains constant discharge pressure despite variations in demand or inlet pressure.
  • Eliminates pressure fall off
  • Easily adjusted for discharge pressures ranging from 50-165 psi
  • Fully operated by line pressure; no external power source required
  • Soft seat for drip-tight closure
  • Easily cleaned, repaired and adjusted without removal from the line
  • Underwriters Laboratories listed, Control Number 18S5
  • Diaphragm assembly guided top and bottom is the only moving part of the main valve
  • UL / ULC Listed for pressure control service in sizes 1.5″ thru 8″, globe or angle configuration
  • No packing glands or stuffing boxes to service
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting in all sizes
  • ANSI Flanged Class 150 or Class 300
  • Grooved end configuration available on 1.5” thru 6″
  • Screwed end configuration available on 1.5”, 2″, 2.5″ and 3″
  • Wide range of materials available
  • Factory tested
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